CoreLUNA Token Airdrop

Airdrop Ending









Pre-sale Price

3,000 LUNA Token

= 1 CORE


About Luna

If you missed the CORE airdrop, don't miss the LUNA airdrop again!

Core blockchain, powered by Satoshi Plus consensus. COREDAO is the official decentralized organization developing the Satoshi Plus ecosystem We are building the WEB3 infrastructure and promoting the public chain on Bitcoin's POW. CoreLUNA will be community driven and governed, and the Core members of the community are composed of top investors in the NFT field. Revenue from the CoreLUNA marketplace will go to all LUNA token holders.

LUNA is the governance token of CoreDao, with a total issuance of 1,000,000,000, which is only 1/100 of the LUNA issuance. It is intended to create a high-priced coin to attract popularity! 25% of LUNA tokens for community airdrop, and distributed to community users for free. 50% of LUNA tokens for pre-sale, and the pre-sale price is 1 CORE = 3000 LUNA. After the pre-sale ends, LUNA will be listed on exchangers. The estimated listing price of LUNA is $0.10.

Luna Token Contract

  • Token Symbol Luna
  • Contract Address 0x8fe881515728a4e2eccd9949c8c701ee9ea091b6
  • Decimals 18
  • Total Supply 1,000,000,000
  • Blockchain CORE ERC721

Pre-sale is Live

Pre-sale supply: 50,00,00,000 LUNA

Pre-sale address: 0x4e89C41fCC82DF32Eff881442158E9c77BaA464b

Pre-sale price: 1 CORE = 3000 LUNA

Use your wallet to send CORE to the Pre-sale address. Our system will send LUNA tokens to your wallet instantly.

The minimum purchase is 1 CORE, and the maximum purchase is 10000 CORE.


Withdraw History


Community Airdrop
  • ● Airdrop quantity: 250,000,000 LUNA (25%)
  • ● Airdrop rules:CoreLUNA will end the community airdrop at 06:00 (UTC-8) on Jan 1, 2024. Community users can participate in the airdrop by submitting the CORE wallet address on the CORELUNA website. The initial amount of each address is 100 LUNA tokens. The airdrop is completely free, and the airdrop rewards will be distributed to the submitted address instantly !
  • ● You can get additional LUNA tokens by inviting your friends to join the airdrop. Invite your friends to join and you will both get 100 LUNA tokens. You can invite up to 5000 friends, and get up to 500,000 LUNA tokens. The quantity for airdrop is limited, and LUNA issuance is small. The estimated price of LUNA is $0.10 -$1 . Hurry up!
  • ● Pre-sale quantity: 500000000 LUNA (50%)5,000,000 LUNA (50%)
  • ● 1 CORE = 3000 LUNA. The minimum purchase is 1 CORE, and the maximum purchase is 10000 CORE (the pre-sale quantity is limited, and the excess CORE will be automatically returned).
  • ● Pre-sale rules: The system will end the pre-sale at 06:00 (UTC-8) on Jan 1, 2024. Use your wallet to send CORE to the pre-sale address, and the system will immediately send the corresponding amount of LUNA tokens to your wallet. The quantity of LUNA tokens for pre-sale is limited, and the quota is sorted according to the arrival time of CORE. First come first served.
  • ● 50% of the funds raised will be used for listing on exchangers. The other 50% of the funds raised will be used to buyback LUNA tokens. This action will prevent people from dumping.
CoreLuna(LUNA) Tokenomics
  • ● Total supply: 1,000,000,000 LUNA
  • ● Community airdrop:250000000 LUNA (25%)
  • ● Pre-sale: 500000000 LUNA (50%)
  • ● Marketing & future development: 250000000 LUNA (25%)


Phase 1
April 2023

√ Official website launched & smart contract deployed

√ Social media sites (twitter, telegram, etc.) launched

√ Pre-sale & airdrop started

√ Developing the NFT platform

Phase 2
Jan 2024

> Pre-sale completed

> Airdrop distribution completed

> Luna listed on MEXC, Huobi, Upbit and Coinbase exchanges

> Buyback Luna tokens

Phase 3
April 2024

> NFT platform launched

> Artists and high-quality projects settled in the platform

> Start large-scale marketing online

Phase 4
June 2024

> Committed to becoming the NFT marketplace with the largest scale, the lowest fee rate and the best user reputation

> More functions, more activities in planning

> Roadmap update

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